The Story of Curtis Abrams, Jr.

Curtis Abrams is a first-time author of a self-help book about introspection and lonely awareness. He emphasizes that being in solitude will have a profound impact on your liberation of how you proceed through life. But be not afraid of the wilderness of challenges and dilemmas. You must learn how to take a step on your own without any distractions to manifest your destiny.

Curtis Abrams has studied and worked in Behavior and Social Psychology for over 15 years. A native of Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and currently resides in Florida, Curtis has been an introvert and a loner most of his life. He is now a licensed professional home and commercial insurance claims adjuster and inspector for the State of Florida. Additionally, Curtis is a licensed tutor who mentors and volunteers at public and private schools in Florida. A University of Alabama graduate with a Communications degree, Curtis also served in the U.S. Army for 10 years and has traveled throughout the world to learn about different social cultures. In addition, he’s an avid writer of short stories, periodically blogs online, and create online content for personal development and social awareness. Curtis is training to become a personal life coach so he can educate and inspire others all over the world to thrive and succeed. He is a father of a son and a daughter and is currently learning how to play the acoustic guitar and keyboard for his inner peace.

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