The Deed of a Greater Attraction

The Deed of a Greater Attraction

The Deed of a Greater Attraction

December 11, 2022

Everywhere I go, I see a certain level of attraction available for everyone. It depends on the expectancy or unexpectantly for that matter, for that unique energy to induce into your inner feelings. Because we can all get along with physical attractions every day, all day. That’s the motor that keeps the car running, something that we love to grab so much, but in actuality, we can’t get all we have to fight hard for that award, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with it creating efforts to results. But what about the risk? What about that toy at the store? You want to get it so bad, but you know you can’t get it because you can’t afford it. But you want to find a way to grab that toy off the shelf. So if it takes every sense of opportunity you have.

First, you shouldn’t have to think about getting something you can achieve. It does take effort. It takes some obstacles, but you will eventually possess them. This is no different than trying to go after temptation. A good-looking man that you moon over and want to devour, or a gorgeous woman that you observe walking down the street, at a club, or at church, you want to grab and make her want you so bad. But you know it’s wrong because it’s not the conservative way; instead, it’s the self-centered condescending maneuver of your satisfaction. You’re gaining for once, but in the end, you will feel shameful about your actions and then regret sexy. 

Feels so arousing....the wanton of temptation!!

Now, if it is reciprocated then, yeah, you will continue to go after your toy of temptation but let me warn you, at some point, you will get caught and regret it. Regret what as you say?

Regret that you only have one life; you should make the best of everything you achieve. It feels better when you work for something you earn, including in a relationship. You don’t just go after her appeal and sexuality in an instant. It takes time. What you’re doing if you’re fighting that temptation. The itch on your back tells you that it feels good at the moment, but once the feeling is over, you don’t gain anything, and in many ways, that makes you feel defeated. This life that you live is not predicated on you failing anything. Temptation is not the best way to go on any level anyone, including the love of money.

Just make sure when you embrace an opportunity, determination and consistency. The long road is the best road to take the short road is an opportunity for an early grave. So never take the short road. Please don’t steal anything that it’s not worth a lifetime of misery or regret.. instead endure the deed of an even greater attraction. It feels so much better than a sexual climax and is indeed worth grabbing for yourself.


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