Get A Special Copy Signed By Me

Get A Special Copy Signed By Me

Get A Special Copy Signed By Me

I will be at book signings at bookstores, schools, events, and libraries in person for the distribution of my latest book. I will sign a personal copy of my latest book in person. I can also send you a copy with an autographed signature by delivery. Contact me for more information.

Curtstride chronicles an individual's life journey as they view, learn, and explore as a loner or an outsider. The story centers on your individualistic views, behavior, irrational as you take on the immense challenges and obstacles that will face you being all by yourself. It gives you insight into how unique you are as a person and what concepts are needed for a better outlook of who you are, what you're capable of, and what you can do to receive a better quality of life when alone. Done in 2nd person narrative, you will learn about your true self internally, your viewpoints dealing with society, and your physical attributes with your health. You will also be guided with an introspective of your inner strength. Each experience represents an animal instinct as you're living vicariously through their mind and vision as you handle the pressures and rigorous ways of life. Throughout the story, you can incorporate and apply to your everyday activities as you walk through contemporary society as a Lone Wolf and appreciate what other people may perceive as different or unique. There are examples of subject matter and ideas, advice, and game plan approach to the individual to make their journey seemingly reliable and effortless. This applies to the young, teenager, adult, and elderly. Whatever job or business you obtain and what your true beliefs are surrounded by. This journey is for everyone. 

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